Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends are originally made from the 'point' of a Brisket. Since these pieces of meat cost a nice sum of money, I made a variant here with a nice piece of pork belly. This variant should certainly not be inferior to the original!


(4 persons)

- 1½ kg pork belly without skin
- Your favorite BBQ rub
- Butter
- Light brown sugar
- Honey
- Your favorite BBQ sauce



Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Used equipment:



30 min

6 h

Kogel BBQ


1. Prepare a BBQ for indirect smoking at about 120°C. You do this by placing your coal or briquettes on one side of the BBQ so that the other side is completely free.
I used an offset smoker with blocks of oak.

2. Cut the pork belly into squares of about 2 by 2cm.

3. Sprinkle the cubes generously with your favorite BBQ rub.

4. Place the cubes on the indirect side of your BBQ and smoke it for about 3 hours at 120°C.

5. When the cubes have turned a nice color, remove them from the BBQ and place them in a metal oven dish. Add the butter, sugar and honey.

6. Cover the oven dish with some aluminum foil and put it back on the BBQ for about 2 hours.

7. Add enough sauce to the cubes and toss them around so that they are completely coated. Put the bowl back on the BBQ for half an hour or an hour.

8. Serve the cubes and enjoy!

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