Picked bread: Pesto and cheese

Picked bread or Hedgehog bread is a nice variation on the standard snacks that you can serve to your guests. This variant is at least as tasty as the most famous BBQ snack: French bread with herb butter.
Instead of cutting our baguette into small slices, smearing it with some herb cheese and grilling it on the BBQ, we are going to fill our bread completely with goodies and let it warm in its entirety.


(4 persons)

- 1 round bread
- 1 portion of pesto
- 1 package of mature cheese
- A bread knife



Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Used equipment:



20 min

15 min


1. Prepare a BBQ for grilling in 2 zones at about 200°C. You do this by placing the coals on one side and lighting it (this is the direct zone) and leaving the other side of your BBQ empty (this is the indirect zone).

2. Take a bread knife and cut the bread horizontally and vertically so that you get a checkered pattern in your bread. Make sure you don't cut all the way to the bottom, stop about half an inch above the bottom.
To make this easier, you can poke skewers through the bottom of your bread, if you hit a stick with your knife you know to stop.

3. Spread the pesto between all the pieces of bread, you shouldn't be thrifty with this.
Cut the cheese into thin slices and put them between the bread pieces as well.
You get the best results when your bread is really packed.

4. Place your bread on the indirect zone of your BBQ. You can also put it on a pizza stone if you find this easier.

5. Bake the bread for about 15 minutes, the bread is ready when the cheese has completely melted and spread throughout the bread.

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