Pulled Pork Nacho's

Nachos who doesn't love them? This variant departs from the traditional nachos with beans and corn and responds more to different BBQ aspects.
We serve these nachos to the public at almost every competition and have won a few awards.


(4 persons)

- Nachos
- Aluminum tray
- Sour cream
- Bolognese sauce
- Guacamole
- Cheddar, grated
- Jalapeño peppers, cut into slices
- Pulled Pork



Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Used equipment:



10 min

15 min

Kogel BBQ

Hapje, Kogel BBQ, Kamado, Offset Smoker, Award Winning, Pulled Pork, Streetfood


1. Prepare a BBQ for smoking at 180°C. You do this with a kamado by using a plate setter, a full explanation can be found here. With a kogel BBQ you put your coal along 1 side of your BBQ.

2. Take an aluminum tray and fill it with nachos. Spoon some Bolognese sauce generously over the nachos and add some dashes of sour cream and guacamole.

3. Divide the Pulled Pork and the jalapeño peppers over the sauce and the guacamole and finish with a thick layer of cheddar.

4. Put it in the BBQ for 15 minutes and put a few wood chips on the coals. This will give your nachos that nice smoky flavor.

5. Remove the nachos from the BBQ and enjoy!

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