Jacket sweet potato

Sweet potato in itself is a tasty vegetable to work with. But when you roast these in the coals you get a much deeper taste and a really creamy potato.


(4 persons)

- 4 large sweet potatoes
- Olive oil
- Sea salt, smoked
- Aluminium foil



Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Used equipment:


In the coals

5 min

40 min

Kogel BBQ

Side dish, Kogel BBQ, Kamado, Sweet Potato, Vegetarisch


1. Prepare a BBQ for grilling in 2 zones at about 180°C. You do this by placing the coals on one side and lighting it (this is the direct zone) and leaving the other side of your BBQ empty (this is the indirect zone).

2. Tear off some large sheets of aluminum foil and place 1 sweet potato per sheet.
Pour some olive oil over the sweet potato, drizzle with smoked sea salt and fold the aluminum foil.

3. Place the parcels directly in the coals and let lie for about 40 minutes.
Make sure that you rotate and turn the packages from time to time, this way you ensure that the potato cooks evenly and you do not have any hard pieces at the end of your session.

4. Remove the parcels from the coals and unfold them. The potato should now be very soft.
WARNING: The packages are super warm! Do not put them on a plastic table (I learned from experience)!

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